John Reine

I am currently a Senior Engineer at Woods Hole Oceanographic Research, the CGSN Electrical Lead for Ocean Observatories Initiative and building an open source underwater glider.

In the Past:

I built a robot with two friends in high school named "BOB".  One night at 2:00am it found a soda can in an empty room and dropped it into a trash can.

I have three patents working with fine folks

Started ReQuest Inc. in 1997 with a college friend and 24 years later it is still in business!

Worked on Guitar Hero and helped make the magnetic connections in Skylanders Swap Force work nicely

Biked around the US for 1.5 years MA->NY->PA->OH->KT->TN->MS->LA-> TX->NM->CO->WY->MT->ID->WA->OR->CA

Wrote software for hearglass making a new kind of hearing aid

my resume and github account

This article was updated on August 2, 2021